Clothing line deisgned by blogging sensations Anastasia Kingsnorth, Saffron Barker & More.
I’m obsessed with my new dress from
noticed. I think Saffron Barker made it!
by YesBitchImmaChica June 29, 2019
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a verb. used for when someone does something that is negative but not bad enough to need a beat-down. a verbal warning
Todd put Dan on notice when he spilled Dan's beer
by iminapillowcase August 18, 2006
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The Noticing, also spelled Noseticing, is a movement. It is the awakening to the truth. It is the ultimate red pill. The bottom of the rabbit hole. The unplugging from the matrix. The realization, the revelation, the noticing that every single time, that it is those who cannot be named that are responsible or behind every bad company, movement and organization.

The Noticing is when you have special pattern recognition aka "noticing" abilities. When you can spot the common denominator in all world events and agendas.

The Noticing has been largely spurred on by the Streisand Effect.

And when you become aware of The Noticing, share your finding with the #thenociting so others can see the truth and help to notice even further.
Gary: Oi Tone, ever notice when you see someone or a company pushing the degeneracy agendas and you go smash their wiki early life, that there is always a certain similarity/pattern?
Tone: yeah bro, every single time. #thenoticing
Gary: oy vey, The Noticing.
by Jonathan Goldblatt November 6, 2022
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something other than ice
Sometimes there is ice and sometimes there's notice.
by noodles montgomery November 29, 2016
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Mid South slang for someone or something that is crazy or wild.
What are you notic fuckers up to tonight?

I just took one notic ass shit, damn.
by Billy Weener December 28, 2010
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Something which grabs someones attention
Can be a sign
A notification such as on facebook
Or Noticing someone
Example 1:
P1: Woah Duddddde.. I love driving fast
P2: You should really pay attention to the speed limit
P1: Where is that?!
P2: Look at the notice mate

Example 2:
P1: Uggghh FFS.. Another Bloody Notification
P1: I don't care that someone else has taken the same quiz as me!!!

Example 3:
P1: Hey... I noticed you noticing me.. and I wanted you to notice that I noticed you noticing me.. and next time I notice you noticing me.. I want you to notice that I noticed you noticing me.. without me having to say so ;)
P1: WTF?!
by Ashdem July 5, 2009
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When playing a best of game and one player is a single game or match away from losing they are said to be on notice.
Ben is one match away from losing this game. Drew put his ass on notice.
by etard elite December 25, 2010
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