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Corporate speak for "Fuck you".

In the working world, it is now impossible to speak your mind, so a form of Orwellian word play takes place, where seemingly innocent and bland phrases now have a secret, darker, meaning.
Guy1: "You will have to take a pay cut and work longer hours, as the company is facing hard times."
Guy2: "Oh yeah, understood."

Woman1: "We need you to leverage your resources to perform at a higher level."
Woman2: "Understood."
by UncleDes November 01, 2008
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I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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1. A shorthand acknowledgment that the speaker is aware of the preceding statement in a conversation, and has discerned the meaning of the statement.

Usually, this is an emotionally neutral phrase.

Usually used in writing, such as email, and may be followed by a period ("Understood.") depending on personal preference.

Synonym of Noted, and is normally acceptable in Business English. A more formal equivalent of gotcha, which is normally not acceptable in Business English. Compare: affirmative, correct, OK, right.

2. A disingenuous acknowledgment of a preceding statement in a conversation. This secondary definition usually occurs when the speaker is obligated to reply to a statement contrary to the desires or expectations of the speaker, but would be reprimanded for an explicitly negative or contrary reply.

In short, a common way to implicitly disapprove of a statement by neither explicitly permitting it nor praising it.

This secondary definition is highly dependent on plausible deniability, and may be misunderstood by the recipient.
If the implication is understood, the recipient may take offense, as it displays disobedience on the part of the speaker.
1. "We need five shipments delivered by this time tomorrow."

2. "Due to recent corporate restructuring, you will now be solely responsible for managing incoming tickets. Therefore, we must ask you to be on call 24/7."
by MerryMerri January 31, 2019
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