A funny way of pronouncing "skin".
After using the new L'Oreal RevitaLift Anti Wrinkle Cream, in just two weeks my skeen was flawless and radiant, giving me the confidence in life I need, say no to wrinkles, say yes to RevitaLift!
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Not taking any attention to what a person just said or did to you; or if people say random stuff just to annoy you.
billy:Hey are you dumb!
jake: skeen
by adnan1212 May 13, 2007
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1. Another way of saying seen, basically meaning "i see" or "oh right"

2. If someone says something contreversial or something you don't agree with, you say it in a disgusted tone.
Person one: wuu2?
Person two: nm, jammin, you?
Person one: nm, babysitting, my rents gone out so i gotta look after my sister
person two: skeen

Person one: i heard you were flirting with that girl
person two: skeeen, she was flirting with me!
by Alalalalalalalalalalalla March 08, 2009
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A down low synonym for the word "foreskin"
Lara: "hun, you're 4skin got caught in the zipper"
Kyle:"This the best damn skeen you've ever seen"
by BadDad72 January 09, 2015
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skeen means .. cool . good . safe. hello
lydia: safe
izzy: skeenn skeen
jemma:what does that meann?? !!
by lydiaa April 27, 2008
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Skin Jeans. Jeans that are crazy tight.
Jon: "Nice skeens, fag."

Me: "I know you like the shape of my thighs, homosaurus."
by Matt Honcho June 09, 2009
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