When somebody is mad. A sense of anger. Sort of like heated. Can be past tense, present tense, and future tense depending on how its used.
Tyrone: "....yea so then he told me that the whole thing was just a joke after the fact"
John: "damn bro I would be mad AF
Tyrone: "yea I was HOT"

Past tense:"I was so hot"
Present tense: "man he gmfu I'm hot"
Future tense: "we shouldn't have stolen her phone when she finds out it was us she's gonna be hot"
by Just a girl on UB October 26, 2017
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If you have searched this then speculations are correct, you are indeed, extremely attractive. Congratulations, you receive a coffee mug, an obnoxious letterman jacket and the hate of all ugly people!
Gertrude- "Why does my life suck so much?"
Jared- "Awww.... It's because you're an ugly person"
Gertrude- "That's not true!"
Jared- "Yes it is, look at me I am hot and i love life!"
by Jared is hot December 17, 2009
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Usually said with no context. Or written in any place you can find. Often can be intertwined with “your mom”.
Guy: “I love hot moms.”
Guy #2: “Like who?”
Guy: “your mom.”
Guy #2: “Fuck you.”
by Gen-z meanings May 21, 2022
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"Hey Kaleb"

"What Kira?"

"I <3 Hot Moms, especially your mom"

by Herrscher of Sentience December 10, 2021
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"Hotsauce", meaning semen, and "chicken" as in womens breasts. So it's a lesser dirty way of saying I like jizz on a girls tits.
I always tell girls I sleep with " I like hot sauce on my chicken".
by Bangerang slang November 12, 2018
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am i hot:no
what a loser who searched this
by FBI is cool asf October 2, 2020
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