7 definitions by die-nough-soar

1. the navigator from a higher world
2. a cresent fresh web sight
3. an area designated "nodeone" in the international space station
4. adj. meaning #1 = n1
5. an away-station housing virtual weaponry
6. n1 encryptic emperial formula for a flux compassitor
Hey that's the best Hi-C anyone's ever made for me. Tastee!May I have some more?

Sure, get in line.

Okay, out of my way gekos! I'm nodeOne.

Hey, who let all these gekos inside and whose serving them Hi-C?
by die-nough-soar July 02, 2003
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round pockets of air that are produced through the duration of a good water pipe.
Jindo's new toy makes some mercilous 10 foot bubbles, so you better watch out.
by die-nough-soar July 09, 2003
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The sweat accumulation that forms between 2 folds of skin.
I ran for a hour yesterday, and it took 3 showers to wash away the duck butter between my ass.
by die-nough-soar June 26, 2003
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The ability to exercise self-control while enforcing one's will power to resist certain situations a person puts themselves in too often.
Sifl demonstrates the use of moderation by passing on a puff puff give give every other time.
by die-nough-soar July 02, 2003
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when one experience a loss that they saw coming, yet no adjustments are made
to adapt or taken measures to prevent it
Most obvious - to die young is tragic
by die-nough-soar July 09, 2003
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6 containers of the Lords good brew
6 cans/bottles full of good times
The perfect companion on a short/long journey
Hey Willis says he's got a sixer and a turkey in the oven.
by die-nough-soar June 27, 2003
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