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To be caught doing some bs or some nasty shit on video or in a screenshot, and theres no way to hide from it because its 4k
“Damn he was in the DMs asking for squirt videos , caught his ass in 4k”

“How did they catch you in 4k???” - supreme dreams
by Black mass December 14, 2020

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What somebody says when they took a bad beat in a fight, but the person they fought got it even worse.
“Damn bro is that black eye from the fight at the club last night?”
“You should see the other guy”
by Black mass December 16, 2020

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In jail/locked up. Used as slang to reference experiences of being locked in a cell with nothing to do but sit up and think.
“Judge gave him 20 now he’s sitting up, sad story man”

“Most the niggas I grew up with are either sitting up or gone” - A boogie
by Black mass January 13, 2021

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