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Plural for nigga, (nigger). A word that describes IGNORANT African-American's. Do not judge the entire African-American race solely on this group.

(Mind you, I am a African-American, and not some racist prick.)
You can't take niggaz anywhere because they always screw things up!

1.) Can be found shouting at the screen in the back of the movie theater.
2.) Occasionally uses slang like their first language.
3.) They come in groups and destroy the friendly atmosphere of any public establishment.
4.) Purposely loud and obnoxious in public to prove how "hardcore" they are.
5.) Start fights with their race like no other.

by Raz June 17, 2006

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1. A gaming term used to let another player know he has just been owned, or is inferior.

2. Take a seat (as in step down)
Player 1: I'm gonna own you like a noob!
player 2: (*Frags player 1*) sit dude.
by Raz January 16, 2003

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An amazon company that pays many medium sized youtubers to promote them, such as Jacksfilms and JonTron. Known for being at the end of many videos and the butt of many jokes.
Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet
Before Romeo dies, he leans over Juliette's body and whispers in her ear
"Audible has over 150,000 books"
by rAz February 09, 2015

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A "ship" with "canon" support
Fan 1: Korrasami is my favorite ship ever.
Fan 2: Good thing its now a Warship!
by rAz January 03, 2015

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v. the process by which a female will lay her genitalia over another person's face...preferrably while sleeping.

I love tofu-pouching people after i rail them in quake 2.
by RaZ August 07, 2003

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To hold your shit in.
I had to keep my chocolate hostage.
by Raz April 11, 2003

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the slang term for the female vagina.
Her tofu-pouch was wide enough to fit the entire pole into.
by RaZ August 07, 2003

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