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the slang term for the female vagina.
Her tofu-pouch was wide enough to fit the entire pole into.
by Raz August 7, 2003
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Willybums : Home of great Game not unlike to space invaders... But we call it Bum invaders.
Oh my god willybums is just so damn good, and those games are great! That bluetooth guy is so sexy for hosting them! Oh My word!
by Raz April 9, 2003
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An amazon company that pays many medium sized youtubers to promote them, such as Jacksfilms and JonTron. Known for being at the end of many videos and the butt of many jokes.
Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet
Before Romeo dies, he leans over Juliette's body and whispers in her ear
"Audible has over 150,000 books"
by Raz February 10, 2015
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We miss the bot
We miss the bot.
by Raz May 3, 2004
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short for billy plat.. which refers to someone preforming a retarded action.
Dude wtf was that your a fucking billy plat.

slang: plat, bill
by Raz March 13, 2004
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The totally coolest subjects ever know to our school, how can you not like it it rules!!!!!!(if u think im mad you're right and chek raz or rachel b.and chek my entries you'll see
wow raz sure luuurves science the mad freeeeak
by Raz March 28, 2005
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