The famous one liner used by Chris Hansen in his interviews of potential sexual predators as seen on Dateline NBC's 'To Catch a Predator'.
Upon walking into the room in which the potential predator and the decoy (the latter of which may not be in the room at the time) meet, Chris usually starts off with asking the potential predator something that has to do with what the potential predator and the decoy were just discussing, and then asks the potential predator to "take a seat".

The phrase 'take a seat' and 'have a seat' are often interchanged.
Decoy: "I made you some cookies but I got chocolate on my shirt, I gotta go change it really fast but I left them on the table for you."
(about 10-15 seconds pass)
Chris Hansen: "So no cookies for you then? Why don't you go ahead and take a seat on that stool there for me please".
by TRWoof December 28, 2017
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To put someone down completely; when you beat someone so bad you disgrace them.
C.J. "Oh man, you fucking killed me!"
Hawk "Take a seat fag!"
by The one and only Hoffnigger April 16, 2009
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Phrase used before kickING your friends chair out from under them.
Welcome back to the poker game pal, take a seat
by Strabs76 May 4, 2017
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a phrase most commonly used to shut someone down completely.
Sam: hey can i take the pass to go to the bathroom
Teacher: Hey! Take a seat!
by u_lost January 17, 2008
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To completely shatter a persons anger.
To Shut them down after a heated argument
Person 1: "What The fuck man, you think your tough fight me"

Person 2: "Haha, take a seat my nigga."

Person 1: "I'll wreck you and ya who'll crew, you know that?"

Person 2: "Naw, Take a seat my mans, you doin too much."
by DJ-Yae June 17, 2011
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Phrase used when telling a fellow to take a seat. originally developed by 2 sophmores in highschool, take a seat is sweeping the general group of people they hang out with by storm. when telling one to take a seat one must make an OK sign with their fingers, hold it up, and move their hand slightly forward.
taylor: so yea after i hit this kid square in the face i lit up a cig and put it out on his forehead
kavan: taylor, take a seat
by fizkid September 30, 2009
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