A phrase used to show self-pride and or confidence during a period of competition.
After Dunking on someone in the game of basketball you use the term "COME SEE ME".
by Chris o28 October 24, 2007
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Challenging someone to a one on one fight. No one jumps in, who ever wins, wins and whoever loses, loses...

Originated on the East Coast.. place of origin, Carteret, New Jersey
your at a party and someone is talking shit to your or confronts you about something with his boys around and he wants to fight you say Come See me on the one.

Boy talkin shit- " ey bitch i herd you was tryn to get wit my girl, keep tryin that shit and ima fuck u up"

You- Bitch please if u really wanna get at me then "come see me on the one" unless u a little bitch ass and need 5 of ya boys to come get at me.
by Jmac3 July 18, 2008
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