When a woman is extremely good-looking but not quite among the best
(This is a slang term used by men with minds in the gutter )
by Hef June 21, 2005
The best, great, nice, awesome, amazing.

Just another new synonym for cool.
"Yo..that movie was awesome! It was sirloin!"
by TTTT June 24, 2006
What you call a little podgy feller, often with fat all over his body, not just round the waist.
Look at that fat little sirloin by the buffet eating all the pies!
by Jimbob Saveloy April 9, 2020
The point where someone moves past just being high, now they're sirloined.
Duuude, after about 30 minutes of grilling on Saturday, Jack and I were so sirloined!
by The Pipe of Destiny January 31, 2009
When something is really awesome or totally rad, it is sirloin.
Me: Did you see that new game?
Bob: Yeah, its sirloin!
by WaterMonkey July 4, 2017
VEGGERS IGNORE!!!!!!!! -legendary hamburger created by one east coast chain, (top's) then absorbed by another (gino's) mid-70's

-when you couldn't get sex, and needed some food after an extended hop-up session, this hamburger was BETTER THAN SEX!!

-this burger allegedly actually had "sirloin" in it!! whatever it had, nothing as dreamy, sexy, and delicious has existed since; fast food wise!! SIRLOINER, R.I.P!!
-got all fucked-up then went to gino's and got me a sirloiner!! my stomach went into orgiastic spasms!!

they chased off the sirloiner!! -guess its' back to 'turds on a roll'!!!
by michael foolsley December 19, 2009
Refers to the finest type of meat a man can get.
Often the 'Sirloinivity' of a subject is inversely proportional to it's age.
little girl crying in the back ground:

"sounds like sirloin to me"
by moodle December 12, 2007