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Coolest name ever!!!

Old Nordic, somewhat common in Denmark.
Derives from old Norse sigr = 'victory' and nýr = 'new, young'

Other Scandinavian variants are Signhild, Signý and Signa
In Nordic mythology, name of the goddess Sigyn, wife of Loki
"Hey, is that Signe over there?"

by Ragnhild December 12, 2007
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The name of the best friend that anyone could ever ask for. She over worries about the ones that she loves and she cares about everyone close to her. She's good at everything and everybody loves her. If you get the chance to get to know a Signe, then do it.
"Signe is just the sweetest! She's always so nice."

"You're so sweet. What's your name?"
"That explains everything."
by scandinavianbrunette September 22, 2014
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A terribly awesome person thats good at everything and will continue to be the best quality of person that you could ever 10
"Signe is so amazing she once did 3 lines"

"is that signe... i think my eyes are bleeding, its a good thing"
by Daniel Cee September 23, 2006
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-A girl's name. It's Norwegian and Swedish.
Means "victorious" or "new victory"

-A really difficult and complex Eric Clapton song. Purely instrumental, but very beautiful.
"Damn, Signe is so hot."
"Yeah, I'd hit it."

"Man, I've been trying to learn 'Signe' on the guitar, but it's fucking impossible"
by mR.gReGoRy April 11, 2009
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A really bad name maybe like 1 in 7287373994 people are named that
Signe is a retarded name
by Add jjg June 11, 2018
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