A person who thrives in the chaos they create. With no effort they can drive turn people of both sexes crazy for them, leaving lust, destruction and confusion behind them. Their memory will haunt the people they leave behind long after their gone, along with an inexplicable need to get the hellraiser back.

A hellraiser parties hard, teases people like hell but never fully gives in. Doesn't give straight answers about his/her past, but never denies his/her actions. He/she appears to constantly be out of fucks to give and never regrets anything.
-Damn, I'll never forget that little hellraiser!
by elenaki_zou December 22, 2012
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Dope movie. One of the best horror franchises of all time. Have you seen the "reboot"? I think it was like Hellraiser 6 or something. It starts in Mexico and the the guy who solved goes back to his family and he has this weird, gross sexual chemistry with his sister the whole movie and then at the end he becomes Pinhead. But not ACTUAL pinhead but like a second Pinhead? That shit was weird right?
Hym "Yeah, I'm doing it I don't care. That finding Yaweh through torment shit was creepy as fuck! That was some straight up Hellraiser shit to actually say! I mean I love it! It's metal as fuck but wow!"

Iam *Groan* "Do you really have to say stuff like that? I'm sure they're nice genuine people."

Hym "Still creepy. If this was 100 years ago they would tie a to a pole and light us on fire! They're the type. They're the ones we have to worry about!"

Iam "You really couldn't keep this in?"

Hym "I tried! The shit is weird!"

Iam "Just... Just ignore him he doesn't mean it."

Hym "That's how they know you're the liar of the two of us. Anyone who knows us knows I mean every Goddamn word."

Iam *sigh*
by Hym Iam May 14, 2022
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When a group of individuals purposely sets out to cause trouble, usually at night. Actions conducted during standard hellraising include speeding, road sign theft, placing random objects in people's yards, causing various forms of destruction, and yelling. Hellraising usually involves alcohol and very rarely are hellraising missions planned out. Most hellraisers agree to meet for the sole purpose of "raising hell," and nothing else. Most of all, hellraising involves people doing as they damn well please without fear of the consequences.
Hellraiser #1: "Hey man, you up for some hellraising later?"

Hellraiser #2: "Does a cat have an ass? Of course man, I'll see you at (insert local bar name here) around 11."
by Wildunner February 11, 2010
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A person who likes video games but constantly whines that they take up too much time and retire repeatedly. Often claiming that they need to go out with a win or the game is too stressful.
Guys I really need this win, lets go out on top!
by Not Rufus, dummy. September 13, 2004
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A pedal-powered vehicle (usually a bicycle, but inclusive of trikes and bicycle/shopping-cart hybrids) distinguishable by the copious application of tinfoil to the spokes, spray-painted gold frame and/or components, mismatched (and technically inappropriate) "upgraded" components, and flipped drop bars, or bum bars. These vehicles usually have a single speed, or a geared drivetrain (usually in a state of disrepair and capable of only one forward speed), and little to no stopping (braking) power. Accessories include "panniers" (garbage bags) filled with bottles and radios strapped to the rear rack or handlebars.
Pedestrian 1 (moments after narrowly avoiding a collision with a man on a bicycle): "WOAH! Watch it, man!"

Cyclist: "(mumbles to self incoherently.)"

Pedestrian 2: "You've got to look out for those crackheads tearing through town on their homeless hellraisers, man; they'll bowl you right over!!"
by mostlypedals May 21, 2010
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Involves a man slamming a coconut repeatedly into his erect penis until either the coconut or penis breaks- a dangerous game to play
Oh man, donavon really shattered his 3 inch penis when he played that game called Hawaii hellraiser. I heard he had to get his broken chode removed and now has a vagina!
by Hawaii Hellraiser January 9, 2018
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Some worthless piece of shit that people will try to sell you over an infomercial. This also applies to numerous other pieces of infomercial crap such as the Snuggie.
Person 1: Shit, did you see what Brett got Liz for her birthday?

Person 2: I heard it was the Hellraiser mug. Or the Hellraiser tee shirt. Damn, that sucks. At least it's not the O'Reilly factor tote bag.

Person 1: Word.
by tiramisuchef November 9, 2011
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