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From There’s Something about Mary. A girl who keeps being pursused by weirdos, assholes and no-hopers. This girl is the epitome of perfection; volunteers for disadvantaged people, is naturally sweet and kind, has an excellent job and is beautiful. However, ladies like this in real life rarely end up with the Ted of their dreams.
Kara keeps falling for douchebags, she suffers from Mary Jensen Syndrome
by Lavynia April 2, 2018
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A way of coyly flirting with someone. Yu can impress them with your secret knowledge
Guy: “I’m pretty good with my hands
Girl: “Are you?”

Guy: “Well, wouldn’t you like to know? ;)”
by Lavynia January 15, 2018
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1. To show exasperation, of course.

2. A sign of infatuation in girls
1. Kate: can we talk

Jake: no, I'm too busy

Kate: *sigh*


Jess: *sighing*, he's the ideal man.
by Lavynia February 6, 2014
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A mixture of Geordie and Norwegian. A typical failure when American TV shows try to include a Northern accent. Most notable example seen on 'Castle'
American talking to other American "OMG, she's not English, she's speaking a totally foreign language!"

American 2 "It's Georwegian"
by Lavynia March 8, 2016
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The phrase "it's a joke" is often used to lighten a situation as a defense mechanism. Saying "it's only a joke" is often used when the person has not understood or got offended. Reasons may include:

1. The person was genuinely joking and did not mean to cause confusion or offense
2. The person is backing down after upsetting someone

3. The other person fails to see the point, and is reassured that it's not serious
Ben: "I'm so bored, I hate my job! I wish I could grab a beer!"
Boss overhears Ben's comment to his friend
Boss: "How about I fire you? Then you can get a beer, and a new job!"

Ben: "😳 Sorry boss, I was only joking! Look, I'm writing my report now!"

Boss "....."

Person 1: "There are three kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those who can't."

Person 2: "HOW does that make sense?"

Person 1: "It's a joke."
by Lavynia April 5, 2016
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1. When words won't come when you want them to

2. You talk nonstop, but fail to convey your thoughts/emotions effectively

3. Being so shocked that you cannot think of an adequate word to respond to/with
"I can't believe you got lost - how did you do it! Nobody ever loses their way around here. I am lost for words!"
by Lavynia November 2, 2013
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Derived from Red Dwarf, it is used when Rimmer attempts to simulate Jacobean courting. It means a man who uses a cheesy move to try and pull a woman. It's very similar to "Oh Matron!" from the Carry On films.
Katie just said that I had a lovely smile. She's hotter than the sun! I'll try yawning and putting my arm around her slender shoulders. Oh my lady!
by Lavynia May 23, 2014
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