definitions: 1.) to kiss off 2.) to have sex with! FUCK HIM

definition 1.) You just dont know how much i miss him. Girl, FUCK HIM! Hes a piece of shit!

definition 2.)Hes 23 and we just had sex 3 times. You really need to FUCK HIM as much as possible!
by appagey February 19, 2011
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Aussie slang for cutting someone out of your life
Jerry was being a complete knucklehead to John so John fucked him off and ended their friendship right then and there
by AnonymousAustralianGuy October 2, 2021
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The popular variation of "I'm going to fuck you in the balls.".
Fuck him in the baaaaaalls!
by Alex Bakke April 10, 2008
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When drinking with buddies and someone acts like a dick one guy will say "him, him". It is immediately followed by a chorus of everybody shouting, "fuck him!" much to everybody's delight. RHODE ISLAND /SE MASS.
Him, him, fuck him!! See above. Submitted by JW
by JW from the Bucket January 17, 2018
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Fuck him till he squirts! is what I heard one guy say as my roomies took turns sticking their dicks in my asshole!
I heard Chris say "Fuck him till he squirts!" as Matt pushed his 8" into my butthole!
by eda-skip May 10, 2022
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Gangsta I) On the dead homies fool lay down 20$. I'll put down 20$ my nigga!"

Gangsta 2) Aight bet!
Gangsta 1) I'll buy this 40$ dollars for 30$! You make 10$ I make 10$ dollars
Gangsta 2 to a girl close by) Fuck with him and make money!!!
When individuals mutual endeavors are lucrative!
by Trailer Park Gangsta October 30, 2021
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1.Want to have sex with him or her
2.Want to have sexual relations with one another
I really want to be fucked by him(girl;wet)
I really want to fuck her(boy;hard)
I want to be fucked by him/fuck her:read desc.
by Meme Catcher November 24, 2017
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