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When you are having a conversation with someone very close to you and at certain moment you become connected, and you know there is no more need for other words. You know what he is about to say, and he knows what you are thinking. But you become so nervous that when he looks at you, you feel the need to keep talking and he is just smiling like he has some funny comments, but actually he is just enjoying how cute you are when slightly distracted and the only one talking and talking until you realize it is one of those moments...
Mrs. Over-Elaborate and Mr. Busy were having a great time walking around the park. They were enjoying maybe the last sunny and warm autumn day of the year together while having one of those nice conversations. For all the people walking by they must have looked like a couple deeply in love and yet they were working on how to be just close friends.

After some time on a bench, they started walking again and were having troubles forming another sentence because some things are just impossible to say without a touch. Mr. Busy tried to begin but noticed she was thinking about the same and therefore did not even finish a single word and begun to look at her with flirtatious smile and Mrs. Over-Elaborate became distracted thinking there is some joke coming on her behalf and hence started talking and talking... And the more she talked the more disconcert she was. Mr. Busy continued smiling but there was no joke nor some funny comment, her adorable monologue was inspiring great affection in him...And there just couple seconds later, she realized their connection. She looked him in the eyes, and they hugged...
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate October 11, 2023
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Sophie's choice is referring to a decision that is unbearably difficult. Each decision has consequences. Facing Sophie's choice there is no easy way out.

In the novel/movie Sophie has to choose which of her lovely children she wants to keep sending the other to gas chamber. Had she not chosen, both kids would have been executed.
Mrs. Over-Elaborate had strong feelings for Mr. Busy. But she saw how much he loves his daughter and therefore decided not to fight for his affection. She knew she could, but she chose not to and moved on.

Mr. Busy hated decisions that affects others. He had loving wife and beautiful daughter and that was the obvious choice for him. But last couple months he had some small-time windows to spend with Mrs. Over-Elaborate. Those moments with her left an inerasable print in his mind and heart. The mixture of the feelings her presence represented for him was the wildest cocktail he ever had. The understanding they both had for each other, the joy from the time they spent together, the little comments and jokes they made or simply the feeling when she or he laid a hand on him or her.

Even though he was standing in front of a decision that was far from the one Sophie had to make, none of the options made brought him peace... From a certain point of view, he was facing his own Sophie's choice.
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate September 14, 2023
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No matter the separation either in distance or time nothing changes in between them.

They miss each other when separated and always looking forward to meet again even though they had a bad day.

They instantly feel better when together and they can share everything because they know there will always be understanding and support from the other side. They respect each other for who they really are. They do not need to pretend in front of each other.

They understand each others without words and they complete each others life.

Any experience they share is multiplied and they feel the need to make sure it was not just a dream.
Mr. Busy laid hand on Mrs. Over-elaborate back and noticed her shiwering. She was looking at him and not saying a word. He comforted her with a huge hug and she instantly stopped shiwering. Their hug was like none other they have so far experienced and without saying a word they both looked into each others eyes knew they were more than friend. The more time they spend together the more they knew they could be soul mates.
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate March 18, 2023
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You are living a great life, your wife and kid are heathy, you have an interesting job, nice house, but you also have troubles to feel anything else than sadness.

You feel emotionally down but still cannot cry unless it is safe to let it all out.

You are shut down.
Mrs Over-Elaborate was out there on a date with her new boyfriend and Mr. Busy was at home. His wife was sick and so was his daughter. He was lying in a separate room thinking about Mrs. Over-Elaborate.

The whole year was one big rollercoaster ride. They both enjoyed the time together and were missing the other half when separated. Before they got too emotionally attached to each other they never planned future together. When Mrs. Over-Elaborate got to a point, where she could no longer just continue this romance and wanted to move on so that Mr. Busy could return home and they both could go their separate way, Mr. Busy could not just let her go... and there it all started.

She spent over a month feeling sick at home surrounded by family and friends trying to sort things out in her head and in her heart, until she got to a point when she could contact him again to check if they can be friends again.

He tried to get things at home to normal, but even though his wife was very nice to him and his loving daughter kept showing him, how much she loved him, he could not let Mrs. Over-Elaborate go.

Exactly on those days such as the one mentioned above, Mr. Busy felt shut down. No matter what he did, he could not honestly laugh. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get Mrs. Over-Elaborate out of his head. He remembered when he took Mrs. Overelaborate to the cinema for the first time and instantly felt like crying, but no matter how much he wanted, no tears have come out...
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate September 12, 2023
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What if one person makes you feel happy, complete, safe, natural and content?

What if you are thinking about leaving everything behind and changing your life for the same person?

What if you are convinced you have found your soul mate?

What if the person makes you do things beyond your comfortable zone and you are still enjoying them with her/him?

What if that one person can hurt you like no one else in the world and you still do not change your feelings towards that person?

What if you have to try really hard just to get that person out of your head for a short period of time?

What if the reason you cannot fall asleep when tired and keep waking up in the middle of the night is the same person?

What if no matter how hard you try, you cannot control your feeling towards that person?

What if you feel like there is nothing in the world you would not do for that person?

Do you find a better word that matches all the above?
Mr. Busy had a wife and a daughter. He met Mrs. Over-Elaborate. They worked together, they practiced sport together and they kept in touch even though they were not together. But both of them had their partner at home. They knew it has no future but still they cannot help themselves and they were spending more and more time together and getting closer and closer. They soon became attached to each other... She soon felt like never before in her entire life and he knew he met the person that was predetermined for him. She left her long-time partner when she realized how differently she feels with Mr. Busy. But it all ended because Mr. Busy never found the courage to break his family apart because he was afraid of what will happen to his daughter. He felt like crying whenever he saw or thought of Mrs. Over-Elaborate but he loved his daughter so much, he never even told Mrs. Over-Elaborate how much he ...
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate September 11, 2023
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On a tough day, during a difficult period of time, when low and tired even a small gesture, nice smile, sincere look in the eyes, warm words or a big hug could make a big difference for someone's day.
Mr. Busy was returning home after a long day and as always during the last couple months, when alone, he was thinking about Mrs. Over-Elaborate. He missed her presence and their talks and other things he tried to avoid thinking about...

He suddenly got the urge to text her. They planned to have a lunch in two days, but he could not resist the temptation. The combination of what she wrote back and how they immediately connected made him feel special. He was still tired and needed to finish some work, but her kind words worked like a ray of sunshine piercing through the darkness and distinct change in the mood of Mr. Busy was perceptible... and without asking her, he was almost sure she knew how she made him feel and was happy he wrote her...
by Mrs. Over-Elaborate October 9, 2023
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