What occurs when you overwork yourself into a state of limited mental acuity, depleted emotions, and strength completely drained from your body.
I was so burned out I didn't even know I was burned out. When three days of vacation helped maybe 2%, I realized I had to cut way, way back on the hours. I don't mind playing brinksmanship with myself, screwing around until deadline on shit I have to do. But, when I miss even those basic deadlines and my important stuff just starts piling up - of what I can't even function enough to take care of - well, it was pathetic, and I'm only just now coming out of it after chilling a few weeks.
by Rose etta May 3, 2008
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when someone does something that it not approving to others
Man:I talked to jimmy he said tha party is still on

Man2: he told me it was canceled he Burned out for that
by Mommychula10 September 20, 2011
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1. long term physical and mental exhaustion associated with a task (usually monotonous/repetitive tasks or one's careers).

2. a person who has smoked so much marijuana that they appear slow, sluggish, and stupid.

3. the temporary unpleasant, sluggish feeling after the high from marijuana wears off.
1. Driving the bus the same route every day has burned me out.

2. John has smoked pot 4 times a day for 40 years, he's a real burn out.

3. Man, lets smoke again to get rid of the burn out.
by Brian-NYC March 26, 2008
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Some one who smokes so much pot that they become constantly slow and dumb
God damnint Ben! Your such a burn out!!
by Zach B. May 6, 2003
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The sleepy effect weed has on you after the peak of the high is over.
Greg: Hey, will you drive me to Seven 11?
Justin: No, I'm really burning out and I'm gonna take a nap.
by Lukey Bear January 5, 2008
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Being in the state of "blah" for excess amount(s) of time. Confusion about where they are, what they are doing, and where the pot is. Odds are burn outs have the slighest idea that they are in fact, burn outs.
Man, I can't believe we told the pizza guy the wrong house to deliver it. Goddamit, we're burn outs.
by BIG JILM September 17, 2006
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"My check isn't as big as I thought it would be. I'm burned out."

"I don't feel like doing anything right now, I'm feeling burned out."
by Mea March 8, 2005
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