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inserting your testicles, and sometimes penis as well, into someone. may be vaginal intercourse by inserting testicles into a female’s vagina, or anal intercourse by inserting testicles in a male’s or female’s anus.
he had heard about my skills from some friends. he leaned close to me and asked, “will you shurg me, please?

his tight hole? i wasn't sure if i could. yet the thing is, when i shurg someone, a couple of factors can actually allow it to happen. its not just about the tightness of their hole. the height of the person, the angle of their hole, and how flexible they are with their legs all influence how it goes. most importantly, their degree of relaxation is key - can they open up and take me, or are they fighting me, unyielding?

i was shurgging her as a crowd of naked people gathered to watch.
by newyorktopfloor June 29, 2012
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The act of inserting your testicles along with your penis in a woman's vagina and having intercourse. Fucking a woman with your balls. I imagine you can do this anally as well (an with a man), but that should have another name.
His cock wasn't big enough to satisfly her so he inserted his balls and started shurgging the hell out of her.
by TwigAndBerries January 19, 2006
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