That one word that Christian people use because they don’t want to swear.
Person one: hey what did you get on the test
Person two: I don’t know I’ll check

Person one: ok

Person two: shucks man I got an F
by John Hugo November 17, 2019
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An exclamation in which the person exclaiming is completely ignorant to the word being a combination of Fuck and Shit.

Person A: Aw shucks I stubbed my toe!

Person B: You sir, use quite an amount of profanity! Bagosh!
by Samsmithistakenapparently September 27, 2010
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Northern Ireland slang, meaning
1: your ass pipe
or alternatively
2: a ditch at the side of the road that contains a small stream normally laced with cow shit
1: "She took it up the shuck somethin shockin"
2: "I laughed my balls off when he fell in the shuck"
by DGF82 February 28, 2008
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Person 1: Hay that Sam Hudson kid won't fight me

Person 2: What a blatant SHUCK member haha
by Adolf May 22, 2015
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a fraud, a rip off, or something bogus
The elections were a total shuck.
by Faiella November 12, 2007
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