The Supreme One.
A synonym for God.

Enough said.

There goes Felipe, look at how he shines.
Felipe is so godly that he is too much for human eyes.
by IPU February 11, 2009
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The most manly person in the whole universe, every one loves him. people consider him a god.
Felipe is amazing.
by Ff12345 October 25, 2017
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Spanish for Phillip, originally comes from the greek Philippos or "friend/defender of the horses" as those who were the friends/defenders of horses were often kings and conquerors. Often males named Felipe are strong-willed; committed; proud, sometimes to the point of fault; masculine, without being a total jerk about it; organized, even if others don't see it, they have their system; practical, because Felipe doesn't get too bogged down with idealism and often seeks the best solution for the most people; intellectual, sometimes even a bit nerdy, but Felipe never forgets to apply his knowledge as opposed to simply contemplating all day;witty, because he loves to argue, often to understand a complicated issue, Felipe develops quite a verbal repertoire and his colleagues and subordinates know it; slow to anger, but fierce when angry, you don't want to piss him off! remember Bill Bixby in the Incredible Hulk? ; athletic, because he usually has some sport or activity that keeps him in motion, particularly if the activity is highly competitive and strength building (many top athletes are named Felipe); sociable, Felipe always has male and female friends because who isn't attracted to intelligent, witty and athletic people?; sexy, because strong, committed, leaders are always sexy
Phillip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, was a well-known king. many kings and heads of state throughout history have been known as Phillip, Philip, Felipe, or Phillippe probably because it was a popular name among the upper classes, and thus occasionally mocked by those seeking to overturn those in power. Nevertheless, the name Felipe or any of its variants is a name that one must live up to if one is given it to continue its proud heritage
by brendabeeeee! July 16, 2009
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Felipe has the biggest dick. He gets all the girls. Hes really good looking and fine.

Felipe is cool and smooth with the girls.

Felipe is athletic, outgoing, good looking, very cool, and smart
Wow thats a felipe im dating 😳😳
by mrgoodlooking679 August 15, 2017
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Felipe is a mystery. A person who keeps you can't wrap your head around. Tall, handsome and his best feature ...his personality. With his funny and charming character he can make any young lady fall for him. Although he looks so serious all the time, he doesn't really smile.. Especially when he drives. But when he must be doing something right. WordUp
by Mysteria23 July 11, 2019
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Felipes' tend to be quiet, thoughtful and intelligent individuals who is able to listen attentively, is able to consider the needs of others before his own, perhaps enjoy outdoor activities and various sports that involve stamina and are very pleasant person to talk to when others dont apporach you.

The one I know has dark eyes that smile and when he does smile, it is one of the most sneaky ones you'd ever see, approachable and is quite charismatic with his smooth talk with girls.
Damn, he is a Felipe.

Wish he was a Felipe.
by warsonwords_right November 15, 2011
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A smart, social and sporty person who everyone likes. He is the greatest example of a ladysman. People like to be around him because he has interesting opinions on everything from the origins of the universe to last night's football match.
1st person: Dude why is everyone in the party crowded over there?
2nd person: Oh they're talking to Felipe
by partypoper August 20, 2011
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