When the male penis get really small and shrinks in size because that dumbass is walkin in the freezing temperature, freezing his ass off. He should at least wear some layers if thats gonna happen everytime hes fuckin cold. No bitch wants to go near a fuckin penis thats had shrinkage!!!
Patrick should wear some damn pants if his penis is gonna get that small uz ain't nobody sleepin with that thing tonight!!
by Fuckhead April 24, 2003
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Shrinkage is a phenomena of epic loss of proportion to male genitalia when exposed to sudden or extreme drop in temperature causing them to " shrink " or disappear all together for a short period.
I fell through the ice at the lake just now and got a major case of " shrinkage " going on!!
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by SLAKJAWMCGRAW November 25, 2018
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When ur penis shrinks during a cold pool
John just got out of the chilling pool, John has shrinkage
by The factuals April 07, 2019
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