Shrekism is a religion revolving around the character in the 2001 animated film, called "Shrek". Its followers say things like: Cutting onions with my knife, Shrek is love Shrek is life. Shrekisim is praying to Shrek and hoping he will reward us with eternal life. Our greatest enemy is the Drek Lord Farquaad worshipers. They believe that Farquaad who tried to take Shreks wife is the true ruler. Big online battles rise on about this topic, that is very sensitive to its followers.
Shrek Ogre Drek Ogrelord Onions Farquaad shrekism
by TheMightyOgrelord February 26, 2014
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my religion is shrekism what about you.
by September 14, 2020
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a religion worshiping shrek, communism, gaming pcs and kamikazes
he went to a shrekism church yesterday
by khdfkjdfkkjhdf November 22, 2021
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The one and only superior religion where long ago a powerful being named shrek created the universe and about 4.3 billion years ago he created the earth but it was a giant swamp and the only life was plants and ogres and donkeys. eventually some of these ogres evolved to become what is now known as humans and the earth changed too causing swamps to be a lot less common then they used to. Some ogres stayed isolated and did not evolve. the last known ogres seen around 400 years ago but some theories suggest that they have a colony of ogres still thrive on slugs and eyeballs deep under swamps. This theory is highly supported since nobody has seen any evidence of ogre remains so they are likely hiding and waiting to return. Anybody who opposes this belief is a lord farquaad supporter and should be thrown in the lava that surrounds the dragons castle. There are many variations of shrekism but they all revolve around the belief that the all mighty shrek controls everything that exists. Some believe it is possible to summon shrek by tying a donkey to a tree in a swamp surrounded by onions and chanting “what are you doing in my swamp” over and over while playing All star by smash mouth from a CD player that was manufactured in 2001. Many people have tried this but nobody has succeeded in summoning shrek because the conditions have to be absolutely perfect and it is still very difficult.
It was very easy to convert my Christian friend into a shrekist because of how much more sense shrekism makes
by Ur mom's shrek hentai April 21, 2019
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It's a form of worship towards a mighty lord, shrek. The main audience is Northen Ireland, as it was its founder. The main founders were the Reid family. It is a worship in which involves a range of sacrifices, such as 22inch dildos and prayers. The followers make up a good 99.9% of Ireland's population, which is located in the British Isles, not Great Britain by the way.
"This Irish weaboo must follow shrekism"
"If he's name is Taylor, he's gay and follows shrekism
by poofta lad August 12, 2016
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A beautiful religion based off the one and only, Shrek.

You can join Shrekism by praying to Shrek every night, but the only way he can accept you into Shreaven (aka Swamp) is by staying up until 2:00 AM, go to the restroom, sit in the shower, and repeat these these words: ¨Shrek is love, Shrek is life, Shrek created all of us and we shall be grateful towards Shrek.¨ and then whisper Fortnight Kid 10 times into your shampoo bottle. But if you've already prayed or joined Farquism he will shout at you to get out of his swamp and drop you to Farquhell (aka get eaten by Dragon). Though if you dont spread the Shrek gospel you will banished out of existence... F O R E V E R.
Steven: I just joined Shrekism!

Drake: I joined 3 months ago!
by IhopeIdrinkwater April 29, 2022
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A form of religion that all 29 years and under in that they pray for
by POOPY CHECK December 4, 2020
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