The act of going to retail stores like Best Buy and Walmart to check out certain products and then once satisfied with the look and feel, purchasing the item online on Amazon or other retailers.
Dude this video camera looks amazing but I really want to see how it feels in the hands.

Let's go showrooming at Best Buy and if I like it I will order it on Amazon for cheaper.
by themolex November 22, 2012
Most retail stores selling electronics. Gives you a chance to see the item and try it out, before buying it on eBay for cheaper
I'm not gonna pay full price for these items, i'm just coming in here because it's an eBay Showroom
by AgentBootman December 9, 2009
To really mess up someone's day. This might happen if, hypothetically, an elderly gentleman was unable to control his bowel movements while in a car dealership and had some poo drop out of his pants leg and onto the showroom floor. One would expect the resulting hypothetical poo to nauseate employees, run off customers and terrify small children.
Roy - "Dude, I hear Jitzina broke up with you?"
Jay - "Yeah man, it was totally unexpected."
Roy "What are you gonna do?"
Jay - "I don't know man, I'm totally bummed."
Roy - "Sorry, dude, sounds like she really shit in your showroom."
by TheTimD December 14, 2011
A metaphorical rule to live by: don't make the mistake of choosing the cheaper option to save a buck in the short run, when you'll curse yourself later for not getting the better-grade product/service in the long run.
Eric: "What was I thinking buying that Porsche with the V-4 instead of the V-6 -- it handled like a Formula 1 car but is a total slug in a straight line!"
Tim: "Dude, you broke rule number 1 -- don't leave horsepower in the showroom."
And so --
Maddie: "This well Margarita sucks -- why didn't I get the Cadillac for two bucks more?"
Amy: "Exactly. Don't leave horsepower in the showroom, sweetie."
by FitofPeak January 3, 2015
A brick-and-mortar store, such as Best Buy, where shoppers go to compare products before ordering them online, for a lower price, from sites like
"You know you'll get a better deal on a TV if you order it online."
"Yes, I know, I'm just going to the Amazon showroom to figure out what I want to order."
by kodiak324 March 10, 2014