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Gave somebody a strange look, esp. one indicating confusion or irritation.
"Dad, what's the problem -- you stranged me when we were talking to mom just then."
by FitofPeak April 13, 2010
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A particularly low-order minion -- qualified to perfrom only the most mindless tasks, on the order of a trained chimpanzee smearing suntan lotion on its reclining master.
I had a morning meeting, so I had my lotion chimp come over and let the electrician in.
by FitofPeak May 26, 2010
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A shrewish, nagging spouse who thereby takes at least two years off of one's life for each year of marriage.
"Sorry, guys, I can't make the game -- the man-aging partner has me on garage cleanout duty, eff me."
by FitofPeak August 25, 2012
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An obstetrician, midwife, doula, neonatal nurse or pediatrician -- specifically, during the period beginning in January 2021, nine months after the COVID-19 lockdown began, and lasting the same length of time as the lockdown did (so called because of the baby boomlet surely resulting from all those fertile individuals who found themselves at home together for weeks on ends with time on their hands, if you get my meaning).
OMG, I can't believe the epic last responder shifts my obstetrician wife is pulling so far in 2021 -- all those @#$%! millennials couldn't just binge-watch and keep their hands to themselves for a couple of months?
by FitofPeak March 23, 2020
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The quality of being silly or absurd, with an off-color sexual aspect.
His readers were amused by his often lewdicrous turns of phrase, such as "She's had the clap so many times it's applause" or ""You must be nuts to be sleeping with her, or at least be thinking with them."
by FitofPeak June 26, 2012
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Adjective describing hyperbolic political speech that is so over-the-top polarizing as to be laughable, indeed hilarious.
Eric: Do you remember when Hillary Clinton called Trump's supporters a "basket of deplorables"?
Tim: Yeah, or when Trump called Rand Paul "a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain"?
Eric and Tim: Yeah, polarious!
by FitofPeak January 25, 2020
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Of marginal relevance -- not really relevant, but close enough to maybe be interesting anyway. (From "para" (beside, subsidiary to) + relevant (probative).)
Phil, your job performance this year sucked, although the fact that you always made a fresh pot of decaf when it was almost out is parelevant and gets you some team-play points.
by FitofPeak November 22, 2012
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