The act of stretching your scrotum over the head of a:
1. Passed out person
2. Anyone willing
I gave Em a shower cap while she was passed out on the floor.
by Marvin the man April 18, 2006
The hat you wear to go out when you didn't shower.
I always throw on a shower cap to cover my hair when I didn't bathe.
by Semiuseful Magazine September 7, 2009
When, in the moment of climax, feces escapes and lands in the partner's hair, the act of smoothing said feces in a pseudo-affectionate gesture, thereby creating a "cap" of poo.
"You're so pretty" Harry gushed, caressing Janice's hair. Little did Janice know Harry was really giving her a Toledo Shower Cap.
by J-Krack May 28, 2012
The act of ejaculating on a woman’s bald or shaved head.
Guy #1: Do you see that cute girl sitting at the bar with the shaved head?
Guy #2: Yeah what about her?

Guy #1: I totally “Shower Capped” her last night!
Guy #2: No way dude that’s so dope!
by KtxDipper May 21, 2018
Shower cap

1. A rubberized garment designed to create a streamlined effect when synchronized swimming with your best pal Theodosius.

2. An act that takes place when a nasty hoe with a blown out pussy requests that your lovely noggin be placed just so inside her vaginal cave - Frequently requested by bar flies name Karen.
Karen: "Hey bab..*drunken puke burp* wadda slaaay you shower cap me ova by da juke box?"
by Intertubes9000 May 1, 2020