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The act of stretching your scrotum over the head of a:
1. Passed out person
2. Anyone willing
I gave Em a shower cap while she was passed out on the floor.
by Marvin the man April 17, 2006
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When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to, usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet
Damn you got 12 likes and his reply got 271 likes? He totally ratioed you bro
by FF29 July 06, 2020
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To insert one's head into the vaginal orrafice
When Susie came back, she asked me to give her a showercap.
by comfymilk March 01, 2006
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The hat you wear to go out when you didn't shower.
I always throw on a shower cap to cover my hair when I didn't bathe.
by Semiuseful Magazine September 07, 2009
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Shower cap

1. A rubberized garment designed to create a streamlined effect when synchronized swimming with your best pal Theodosius.

2. An act that takes place when a nasty hoe with a blown out pussy requests that your lovely noggin be placed just so inside her vaginal cave - Frequently requested by bar flies name Karen.
Karen: "Hey bab..*drunken puke burp* wadda slaaay you shower cap me ova by da juke box?"
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by Intertubes9000 May 01, 2020
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