Nitrous oxide found in small metal cannisters used in refillable whipped cream cannisters. Used as an inhalant drug to get high.
"we got hella high off some whippets list night"

Nitrous oxide inhalant whipped cream drug
by justaperson888 August 2, 2010
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The nitrous oxide that's left in whipped cream cans after all the whipped cream is gone which can be inhaled to get high
We got hella high off some whippets and it was fucking awesome
by Dubiks January 29, 2019
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An area of skin located on the upper, inner thigh that has, inturn, become hairless through constant friction of walking and other physical activity.
Can also be used in direct relation to winnips:
- “Oohh baby let me lick your winnips… oh, wow I never noticed you had whippets too.”
by Jeremy and Lucy June 22, 2005
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Dried little pieces of fine rolled up toilet paper that accumulates in the hair around yo ass.,
The brother wiped his boodie and felt slight tugging of whippets that had dried around his shoot.
by kagent November 23, 2005
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Small cartridge filled with nitrous oxide used for huffing.
Yo.. give me a hit of that whippet.
by Jimbo January 13, 2003
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The huff of nitrous oxide (NO) left in a carefully managed can of Reddi Wip after all the cream is gone.

Whipped-cream-in-a-can is propelled by nitrous oxide. This usage is the source of the term "whippet". The term has come to refer to any little canister that'll give you a hit of NO.
Sure I'll pass the Reddi Wip, but save me the whippet.
by whip-et October 15, 2003
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canister gas, laughing gas, nos used at parties festivals etc
by hitherecrazy123 April 27, 2017
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