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God’s gift to men would be their penis. Egotistical men often believe all women want their penis, that they can please any woman or man with their penis, and that their penis is the best. Their penis can impregnate a woman so therefor it must be magical which is why men can rarely ever stop playing with their penis for it gives them great pleasure with a few strokes of the wrist.

Men love their penis so much that without thinking they must share it with people on dating sites or via text messaging. If wrong then the term “dick pic” wouldn’t exist.
She thinks she's God's gift to men, but she's wrong because she wasn't born with a dong. She had to buy hers.

He thinks he's God's gift to men and will give or get it in the end.
by Sagealicious September 11, 2016

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Expecting skilled work for free in exchange for great exposure , duping people into providing quality labor with hopes of nonexistent rewards. Profiting from the talents of another person's efforts in lieu of false promises.
We cannot afford to pay you for performing at our event but we're willing to showcase you for free entry instead.
by Sagealicious May 29, 2017

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posting blanket statements to create reactions with hopeful opposite expectations.
Their social media sympathy is ridiculous, one minute they post how they hate everyone and want to be left alone, then complain how nobody pays them any attention.
by Sagealicious May 28, 2017

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Showcasing talent: convincing a highly skilled or talented person in using their abilities freely with hopes of good exposure. The possibilities of one day getting paid for doing something without pay, being duped into offering free services for possible reward.

Expected to work for no pay in order to meet and make great contactsand get a job someday.
We've can't afford to pay you to play at our club but we'll let you in free for showcasing talent if you'd like, there's a lot of record producers who come here all the time.
by Sagealicious May 28, 2017

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Same Sex Relationships are relationships in which the sex is always the same.
Same sex relationships lose all flavor being bland time after time and day after day.
by Sagealicious May 29, 2017

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