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A variation of the bong native to SouthWest England, where a straight tube is used instead of a conventional "gauze type" bong tube.
The end of the shottie tube (also known as a downie or downpipe/tube) is plugged with a small amount of rolling tobacco, onto which a thin layer of crushed or chopped cannabis is applied. The user then lights the cannabis/tobacco plug until such time as all of the cannabis glows red and the plug can be seen to slide down the tube. At this point, the user gives a sharp tug to pull the cannabis/tobacco into the bong water, the smoke is then inhaled, providing the user with a more intense hit than that provided by conventional smoking paraphenalia, this means shotties provide a both economical and enjoyable smoking experience
by DJ darklight February 19, 2007
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Derived from the word "shotgun" where the person who calls it gets the front seat in the car. Instead of using this only on driving in a car the word may be used to call "dibs" on something or doing something first. Also can be used as "shotty not" where it gives rights to a person not doing a specific task.
1. John called shotty on getting the last piece of pizza.

2. Shotty not taking out the trash.
by Jordan Napoli June 28, 2005
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1) Short for "shotgun".
2) The front passenger seat in a vehicle, also short for "shotgun".
by nidex May 12, 2003
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A bong done in one large toke that fills the entire chamber with smoke then pulls the burning mix/cannabis down the pipe and into the water. As this happens the continued inhalation and release in pressure draws the smoke up into the lungs at speed - resulting in an intense high.
"this is my ninth shotty!"
"can i rob a shotty off you?"
by fiendy September 17, 2007
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When someone punts the burning end of a blunt or joint into their mouth and blows into your get a huge hit.
Yo, give me a shotty, bitch.
by Blunt April 28, 2003
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