A variation of the bong native to SouthWest England, where a straight tube is used instead of a conventional "gauze type" bong tube.
The end of the shottie tube (also known as a downie or downpipe/tube) is plugged with a small amount of rolling tobacco, onto which a thin layer of crushed or chopped cannabis is applied. The user then lights the cannabis/tobacco plug until such time as all of the cannabis glows red and the plug can be seen to slide down the tube. At this point, the user gives a sharp tug to pull the cannabis/tobacco into the bong water, the smoke is then inhaled, providing the user with a more intense hit than that provided by conventional smoking paraphenalia, this means shotties provide a both economical and enjoyable smoking experience
by DJ darklight February 19, 2007
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An extended version of calling "shotgun" for the front seat of the car. You can call "shotties" for anything you want.
by Marlene Rodriguez November 29, 2005
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Another name for "Shots"
Often used at parties, a cooler and more pronouncative way of saying "Shots". Also See sho'iez
Lets have some SHOTTTTTIEEEESS!!!

shotties are great
by darkmyst January 24, 2006
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An attractive female. This is derived from the use of the word, shotty, in reference of reserving something that is up for grabs. Attractive females are referred to as shotties due to the fact that they are quality and you want them reserved for yourself.
I saw some shotties at the mall the other day.
by Andrew Penn November 19, 2007
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what you say when you don't want to do something. and in doing so, you must touch your nose. whoever's last, loses, and has to do the bitch work.
"someone should probably get up and change the channel, since no one can find the remote."

"shotty not!" ::puts finger on nose::
by ilikeskittles2 January 3, 2008
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A type of home-made bong.
Specifically a vessel, containing water, with a mouthpiece and a removable 'cartridge'.
The 'cartridge' consists of a metal or glass tube inserted into the vessel at an angle, below the water level.
Into this 'cartridge' is packed (and we do mean PackeD)first a slice of cigarette, then powdered or finely crumbled cannabis. The cartridge is then re-inserted to the vessel and the toker burns the draw and pulls on the mouthpiece until the cigarette burns through,it 'pops', the cartridge is emptied and he or she gets an entire lungfull of smoke.
Which the author must note, has a marked effect on the sobriety of the toker.
The shotties origin seems to be the West Country (notably Somerset and Devon)but it's use has been recorded as far afield as London and the North West of England.

see also bong toke
"man you look monged out"
"yeah, we've been doing shotties all night..."
by mim November 14, 2004
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Derived from the word "shotgun" where the person who calls it gets the front seat in the car. Instead of using this only on driving in a car the word may be used to call "dibs" on something or doing something first. Also can be used as "shotty not" where it gives rights to a person not doing a specific task.
1. John called shotty on getting the last piece of pizza.

2. Shotty not taking out the trash.
by Jordan Napoli June 28, 2005
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