1. avalible to anyone

2. in total chaos
The last reserveable copy of the new game is up for grabs.
by Light Joker October 25, 2006
when snathez something of someone
boy:nice mp3
boy:show me
boy:up for grabs
by zeeshan tahir May 1, 2006
any girl in a club or bar, or any girl in general that looks as though they are somewhat intoxicated and they are wearing a sluts uniform.
"hey alex who are those chicks over there"? "There just some up for grab sluts"!
by gpchris93 February 10, 2008
August 13 is the day you fuck up the person who grabbed ya ass.
My ass got grabbed 3 times today, tomorrow is the day i’m gonna fuck those 3 people up, “National fuck up the person who grabbed ya ass day“
by R@NDUMDUD3 August 12, 2019