A type of home-made bong.
Specifically a vessel, containing water, with a mouthpiece and a removable 'cartridge'.
The 'cartridge' consists of a metal or glass tube inserted into the vessel at an angle, below the water level.
Into this 'cartridge' is packed (and we do mean PackeD)first a slice of cigarette, then powdered or finely crumbled cannabis. The cartridge is then re-inserted to the vessel and the toker burns the draw and pulls on the mouthpiece until the cigarette burns through,it 'pops', the cartridge is emptied and he or she gets an entire lungfull of smoke.
Which the author must note, has a marked effect on the sobriety of the toker.
The shotties origin seems to be the West Country (notably Somerset and Devon)but it's use has been recorded as far afield as London and the North West of England.

see also bong toke
"man you look monged out"
"yeah, we've been doing shotties all night..."
by mim November 14, 2004
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A localised method of smoking cannabis, generally favoured by the chav drop-outs of south Somerset, however it can be found in many stoner circles due to its cost-effectiveness.

The apparatus required for a shottie comprises a rudimentary tube (usually crafted from a sheet of beer-can metal and electrical tape) and a cheap pop bottle. a hole is burned into the lower part of the bottle and the tube inserted, the bottle is then filled up to the hole with water. the overall impression of a completed shottie configuration is very similar to that of a homemade crack-pipe.

The end of the tube is then packed first with a 'plug' of tobacco, then topped with either dirt bar or herb, depending on the class of toker. this configuration is then smoked much in the same way that a bong might be smoked; however the lack of a gauze means that once the plug of tobacco and herb has been sufficiently burned away, the tokee then efforts a final tug, pulling the plug down through the tube and into the water.

This final expenditure of lung capacity, coupled with the instant blast of smoke to the lungs, provides the true 'magic' of the shottie, leaving the tokee lost in an instant haze, unable to breathe or communicate for a short while.

Excessive abuse of the shottie can be dangerous, and the user can genuinely feel the smoke ripping into his/her lungs when it hits. the use of low quality construction materials and/or cheap dirt bar exacerbates this fact.
"its 4 a.m, i've ingested far too much amphetamine, there is only one thing which could deliver me to the land of drowsiness. time for a shottie"
...chugalugachugaluga FLOOOOOOOOFFFFF!...
by D-Bizz October 27, 2006
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The Shottie is a form of home made bong.

The system is very easy, You need a 500ml bottle (coke or pepsi) a metal tube (I found the old fashioned tire pressure gauge the best).

The bottle you first empty and burn a round hole in the side, most people say to heat the tube and use it melt a holpe in the side but i found if you use a cigerette to burn the hole in the side it works easier and ends up perfect always.

Fill the bottle with watertill under the hole then tilt bottle to 45 degree angle till the water stops coming out.

Take the tube and wrap one end in electrical tape just below the end of it to stop the tube from sliding all the way into the bottle.

Take a cigerette and push about 3 rings into the tube and slice it off with a knife, take the plugged tube and "Dab" into a shot glass (Shottie Glass) or any other bowl that is filled with your crumbled resin or herb, push it in like 3 times and place into bottle.

Burn the shot, suck slow real slow, when the heat reaches the cigerette it will burn faster or slide down the tube at this point suck really hard and Shoot or pop the whole thing into the water giving you an amazing rush as all the smoke rushes quickly into your lungs.

In reference to another definition i started shottieing in Scotland in 1995, Holland 2 times on vacation and also when i moved there in 1999. In Holland discovered an australian that knew of shotties and shottied with me for a while there, now i have reintroduced shotties to america so the shottie is known world wide.

There is a variation of the shottie, The Double Shottie that uses 2 tubes and a 1.5L bottle and 2 tubes at the bottom of the bottle it is exactly the same method as the single but you have to burn both tubes at the same time and if one pops before the other then cover it with a finger till the other pops.
by Evil_Scotsman November 16, 2007
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1 - a technique in smoking where one person puts the side of the blunt with the ashes in his or her mouth and blows out, while the other person sucks in all of the smoke. also refferred to as : shotgun, gunnie, gun.
2 - when you take a hit from a blunt, and then lace your fingers (kind of like holding hands) with another smoker up to both of your mouths. you blow, and they suck. it's just an easier way of the first one.
3 - claiming the front seat of a car. usually reffered to as 'shotgun'.
1 & 2 - " Give Me a Shottie, Man! "
3 - " I call shottie! "
by BiAtcH* October 4, 2005
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(noun) a smoking technique - one person puts the side with the ashes in his mouth, and blows, and another person sucks in all the smoke, also known as - shotgun, gunny, gun
Damn, yo, that shottie blew my head off.
by youngbull June 21, 2005
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a lazy way to call shotgun a.k.a the front seat of a car.
ali: i call SHOTTIE!

ali's sister: GRR..not again!
by smsam August 1, 2005
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claiming something, such as the passenger seat in the car. short for "shotgun." may also be used to claim things such as a girl claiming a hot guy from her friends, or someone claiming the largest piece of pizza.
"shottie on that piece of pizza."

"shottie!" (front seat of car claim)

"that guy is hot. shottie!"
by kimberly l March 26, 2007
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