The "special" kids got to ride this bus. Those with mental difficulties, and those who were "not all there"
Dave rode the short bus to school, and got to use the PA system, until he barked at one girl, who was a total dog. He was then told to sit in the back of the short bus, which in all actuallity wasn't that far back.
by GT July 13, 2004
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A small bus that is not always used for transporting special education students. It is also used in small school districts in which it would be wasteful to use a full size bus every day.
"I ride the short bus."
"Dude! You must be retarded!"

"No. I just go to a really small school."
by maxBoredom August 29, 2009
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1. noun. (derogetory) school bus shorter in length than a conventional school bus commonly used to transport students with physical or mental handicaps.

2. adjective. (derogetory) describes student who rides such a bus. See also, special.

3. adjective. (derogetory) lacking in mental capacity, or stupid. See also retarded.
1. The students on the curb made jokes as the short bus pulled into the school.

2. The kid in the wheelchair was often called a short bus kid behind his back.

3. You put your shoes on before your socks? That's a pretty short bus solution.
by Marc February 24, 2004
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A short version of a school bus used to transport "special" students to their respective School/Workshop. Often used an an insult.
"What the hell kid, you just get off the short bus?"

"I don't want to sound like I just hopped off the short bus here.."
by Cody May 28, 2004
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of low intelligence and lower common sence, a bubble-headed space cadet, referring to those "special" individuals who ride the short bus to school, just an all-around dumbass moron
Mike DeAngelo's current girlfriend is a fuckin shortbus- she needs a helmet.
by sidnnancy June 14, 2007
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Most often used when describing someone as a retard. "Special" folk ride the short bus, you see.
Jonny rides the short bus.

Wow... Did you come to school on the short bus today...?
by Socks, Bloody January 16, 2006
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The title of a 2006 comedy drama film that includes unsimulated sex and orgies, starring Sook Yin Lee and loosely inspired by the DUMBA Collective in Brooklyn, NY. Shortbus in the film is a club/place/regular event where events similar to the DUMBA Lusty Loft Parties take place including film screenings and gender blurring sex/orgies. When Sook Yin's character Sophia enters this club and Justin Bond (the proprietor) is giving her a tour he cryptically defines Shortbus: "Everybody has heard of the long yellow school bus. Well, this is the shortbus." There is no furthur explanation given and there is no bus are not prominent in the narrative. It is likely that the term implies sexuality as that is the focus of the film and the fictional club. However, it could also be some kind of anti-thesis to the mainstream - as the characters are often gay, transgendered or otherwise not straight. The shortbus is otherwise defined here as short bus: the smaller yellow bus typically used to transport disabled/incapacitated/differently abled people which is in opposition to a regular bus - get on the bus - that would signify the mainstream or straight culture. Or, maybe the shortbus is a term of disability or slow learning in reference to the protagonist Sophia's problems achieving orgasm - pre-orgasmic. That would make sense for the film title but not the fictional shortbus club seen in the film which does not function solely for her purposes. Lastly, oppositional binary of shortbus being the inferior of the pair long/short masculine/feminine is similar to the joke in the name of the DUMBA collective - which is actually a feminised version of the the acronym DUMBO Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.
Everybody has heard of the long yellow school bus. Well, this is the shortbus.
by rusl March 24, 2007
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