V. A derrogatory phrase derived from the smaller school bus used to ferry special education students to and from school. 1) To act in an immature or stupid way. 2) To be an immature or stupid person. 3) To drive an especially large S.U.V.
Johnny is such a dumbass, he definitely rides the short bus.
by snarkette April 23, 2003
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Someone stupid. A dumbass or gimp. Basically, being retarded.
That kid's riding the short bus.
by krazykangaroo March 20, 2005
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Participating in sexual intercourse with an autistic, or otherwise disabled male.
"Dude, Henry caught Jacob riding the short bus."
"What is he gay?"
"No just desperate."
by DanTheFuckwad17 March 9, 2018
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Acting so stupid you are sent to Narnia Short Bus Style.
Robert : Dude I'm gonna go poke that bear.
(Bear Mauls Robert)
meanwhile at the Hospital
Axel : You were Riding the Short Bus to Narnia weren't you Robert.
Robert : *sighs* yeah
by AxelWolf November 5, 2012
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