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to be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a woman by having sex with her (from a term used to describe the firing a gun loaded with bullets designed not do harm to the target)
She never realized he was shooting blanks until he hesitated about buying condoms. (example of shoot blanks)
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the inability to ejaculate semen due to various medical problems including unnecessary prostate surgery. technically its called retrograde ejaculation or dry orgasm. your semen is deposited into your bladder and you void it next pee. adequate sexual tension release and pleasure is diminished. this may be psychological but is also physiological
dude: when i jerk off and have an orgasm all i do is shoot blanks.
dude 2: how about when your banging a female?
dude: same thing
dude 2: how about when she's given you head.
by ymouszanon July 19, 2013
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male dry orgasm due to sexual technique, diabates, post prostate removal, et al. For many males who can no longer expel semen due to medical procedure or illness it is a negative, depressing, and angry loss. Sexual sensation is diminished or orgasm is painful. sexual tension is not sufficiently alleviated with permanent dry orgasm.
After prostate removal by the up the dick method, I can no longer shoot my load. I can only shoot blanks. I hope my urlogist's genitals falls off.
by ymouszanon March 30, 2015
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To be impotent and not able to impregnate a female. Only a male can "shoot blanks".
Aaliyah: "Wait...we shout use some protection."
R. Kelly (in his mind): "Damn. I hate when they say that, it's no good with one of those. I'd better think of an excuse. Let's see..."
(out loud) "Uh...I'm shooting blanks so it's OK."
Aaliyah: "All right."
R. Kelly: "Uh...can you put on this schoolgirl outfit and pull your hair back so it looks like you're 12 instead of 15?"
Aaliyah: "OK."

(3 months later)
R. Kelly: "Shit. That didn't work, I knocked her up. Oh well, maybe she'll die in a plane crash or something."
by Nick D July 19, 2004
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