Jail and prison use: to send, pass, or give something to another person.
Inmate #1: "My girl mailed me some new pics."
Inmate #2: "Shoot 'em over this way when you're done."
by dyrwk July 11, 2009
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a way of saying bye. ex. paece, later, late, aloha, etc. SHOOT!
number 1: well ima jet out
number 2: alrite shoot
number 1: shoot
by dOpeandwacK February 28, 2005
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As in Korean slang, "shoot" means, when I say 'I'll shoot', it means same as 'I'll pick up the tab', 'I'll pay for it'.
Wow, is today your birthday ?!! Congratulation !! then You will shoot for us !!
by Andy December 08, 2003
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To fire or release or expel something, anything ranging from liquids to projectiles at a distance towards a target.
"Oh My God Mary, You're so fucking hot, Oh Fuck I'm gonna shoot, OH YEAHHHHH"
by xXOLD_MANXx July 13, 2017
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Verb: Whether it is delivered, eaten, or passed on, it means getting owned, pwned, or crapped on with a tremendous amount of strength, intensity, or beast ability.
Noun: (Figurative) A huge dump or display of shame and/or pwnage forced upon someone or something
(Literal) A piece of crap; Taking a dump
Also another word for "stuff"
Can sometimes be used to replace the word "something"
"I made him eat the sh!oot when I shut his bad joke down"

"I delivered the sh!oot when I sniped him right in the face"


I'll be right over as soon as I'm done taking a sh!oot"

"Well you know, there's a lot of sh!oot out there"

"Wow, you just got severely sh!ooted on! Lmao."
by Only the Flyest October 28, 2009
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