the word you say in front of your parents because they might ground you for all eternity if you swear in front of them, and then you get back to swearing after they've left
Teenager: stubs his toe
Teenager: SHOOT
Parents: Are you ok?
Parents {in their head}: I'm glad he hasn't cursed
Teenager: hehe boi
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by AUTHENTICATOR June 07, 2019
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A word from Chaminade College in Toronto denoting that something is an obvious lie. In other words meaning bullshit. Often followed by a hand forming the shape of a gun.
1. I ahd sex with Jessica Alba last night.
2. Ok thats a shoots buddy!
1. No, I'm serious.
by Mr. Dark October 04, 2006
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The bum was stealin my wheels so I started to shoot at his head
by AWW_NAWW March 06, 2003
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to inject a drug, namely heroin, by use of needle
the subway guy was shooting heroin in the parking lot
by shabazketballa August 08, 2007
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