What I am now and you probarbly are if you typed this
Wooooooooo man im stoned, oh hang on im just pissed
by Steveo March 19, 2005
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Synonym for New York definition of "word". Originated and only exists in Tiverton/ Newport Rhode Island. Definition best depicted through the "I-Hop Paradigm"
Person 1: I miss Connuh, he's my best friend!
Person 2: Well lets go pick him up and go on an ODBC
Person 1: I'm pissed!
by SixhundredSeventyNine4lyfe February 09, 2009
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A meme taken from an amateur simpsons incest cartoon

The cartoon shows Bart walking in on Lisa going to the bathroom and Lisa saying "Bart get out! I'm piss"
"Good morning, Lisa Congratulations!"

"bart get out!, i'm piss"

by anonisanon August 04, 2008
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A hilarious variation of "I'm just kidding" or "I'm just pissing around".

Except with a lot more awesome.
Callum: I'm your dad.
Fingers: WHAT?
Callum: Don't worry, I'm just pissing on your tits.
Fingers: Oh.
by Your Fat Mam July 02, 2009
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Usually followed by a joke or an untruth to show you were just kidding; it's kind of like saying "I'm just yanking you're chain"
Guy 1: "Hey man, you're girlfriend gave me head last night"

Guy 2: "What?! Are you serious?!"

Guy 1: "Nah, I'm just pissing on you're tits haha"
by Ry'and'seabass July 30, 2010
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