to run away from some one, or somthing
dang bro last night at the party the cops came and we had 2 shoot out
by diggy33 August 22, 2008
When two men, in the 69 position, masturbate each other to see who can ejactulate the fastest into each's own face.
"Tho, whatcha doin' tonight?"

"Me and Hank are gonna have a SHOOT OUT!!!"

"Uh-OHHH!!!! Hope no one dies!!! Tho thilly!"
by the great h December 31, 2005
Two guys lay down opposite ways from each other in a “69” position. They then jerk off in to each other’s mouths. First one to ejaculate wins.
Guy1: my parents are asleep do you want to come over and have a Kentucky shoot out
Guy2: ya sure bro
by Big cock bill November 1, 2017
Where two guys blow their load into someone elses mouth and who ever gets the most shots in wins
Man! Pete and I were having a game of penalty shoot out and pete didn't sink a single one!
by Dnarlow November 16, 2016
When about to ejaculate you put a nerf dart (preferably with a thumbtack taped or glued to the end) into the urethra and shoot it onto the woman's face or breast
Guy: It was going well until i hit her eye with the texas shoot out

Guy 2: Dang bro, thats gotta sting
by Haha statue goes bonk August 13, 2020
shoot out between two crazy ass russians and almost the entire LAPD, last 46 minutes on 2/28/97(my 7th b-day)

the LAPD had to almost rob a gun store so to say to prevale but still did
dude: the 46 minutes movie sucks
man: dude its a documentary on the north hollywood shoot out
dude: whoa cool
man: what a day that was
by jizzle dizzle July 21, 2006
From Bob's Burgers: a burger served with okra!
"Hey Bob, what's the burger of the day?" "It's the Shoot out at the Okra Corral Burger, it's served with okra!"
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 17, 2018