Any song that you have emotional attachment to. Upon hearing it on the radio, you must unhinge you jaw and scream into the void.
Radio: *despacito starts playing*
Guy in car: Oh my god it's your song!
Other guy in car: *unintelligible screaming*
by obungus May 31, 2018
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An expression to say to your friend in praise of something great they did. It refers to the league of cowgirls who sing the Ballad of Joshyberri and coordinate dances to it.
Person 1: "Hey I completed my SAT's!"
Person 2: "Congratulations! All the Cowgirls sing your song!"
by CaptainFlapjacks December 29, 2022
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On July 27 and August 3rd are the days you reveal the song you love and would most likely have multiple people judge you
"Hey dude It's Reveal your Favorite Song Day" -Asshole friend
"The huh day?" -You
by Patalin PB July 18, 2022
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