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Shea Heights original gangsters. respect.
is that person from Shea Heights?" " Yeah, there a straight up SHOG. You best respect
by a SHOGGGGG April 14, 2011
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A group of men who like to perform felatio on hairy men. Alternatively, a group of men who like to molest the handicapped and/or small defenseless animals.
The shogs were thrown out of the pet store for masterbating to the lizards.
by John F. September 18, 2005
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SHOG {shog, shawg} - noun (contemporary American English slang)

The heavy, semi-opaque haze emanating from a restroom to which someone has recently laid waste. Or the cloud of evil wafting from ones' tailpipe subsequent to a particularly heinous bout of flatulence.

A contraction of the English words shit and fog.
"DUDE! CLOSE THE BATHROOM DOOR! The shog is so thick I can TASTE it!"

by aaron w206 January 12, 2009
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verb {scottish slang, dating from at least 1825}

to shake from corpulence
Everytime our bus goes over train tracks, your girlfriend shogs something fierce.

Remember, fat-campers: if you ain't shoggin', you ain't joggin'.
by Piddlesworth April 19, 2011
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