Not a sock.
"Hey man, that's a radical pair of shoes you got there. They ain't being no socks are they?"
"'Course not, they is shoes blud."
by Dr. Nathan Harding January 20, 2006
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A shy hoe that would love to hook up but is lowkey insecure. Always talks about wanting to fuck but only occasionally does.
Stop being such a shoe becky! Just do it already!!
by khunt102 March 11, 2018
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To violently beat another - literally a shoe In.Also see hiding.
Lamp him give the bastad a shoeing
by El Cholo May 09, 2004
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An Superior Iraqi weapon, only used 2 times yet. Deals double damage against Americans.

Shoe is also used for protecting feet and walking. There are many versions of shoe: boot, sandal, sneaker, flip-flop etc. Shoes always come in pairs.
2 shoes thrown at President Bush during press conference in Iraq.

Now shoes are 20% cheaper!
by Frosty The Wise January 08, 2009
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Expression of disbelief in a persons skills.

Quote from possiblely NBA video game or Nike commercial where uncanny displays of prowess can only be explained by the individuals choice of footware.
Andrew: I can't believe we got this working!
Dave: Is it the shoes!
by Mister_Douve May 07, 2003
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Jersey Shore slang for a person who travels to the beach for one day. The phrase started in the days when people would bring their lunch to the beach in a shoe box. Hence, Shoe-B(e). The phrase is used by locals in a derogatory manner toward anyone who has to drive to the shore; especially Pennsylvanians and New Yorkers.
The beach is crowded today. I wish the Shoe-Bes would go back to where they came from.
by Schrader4Pres May 23, 2009
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