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1. To fill in those awkward awkward silences
2. To express happiness
3. Another word for "snap!"
4. A great word to say when drunk/high/generally smashed.

Could possibly be a verb...
by Bel October 11, 2005
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Shming, shminging, shminged

1. An alternative for cursing
2. An amusing replacement for any swear word, or any Word to express emotion
"You little shming", "you're such a shming bag!",

"I'm so shminging happy"
by grabbelsdorf March 27, 2015
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Another word for penis, usually used in the north parts of chicago
Eric, you suck shming.

Mason is a shming lover.

Mr.Koff hates that we use the word shming.
by ShmingGod November 28, 2017
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