To step up the level of drinking and/or stupidity, with the intention of spending a night in the lock-up
It's a sport, mate - if you consider yourself a devotee to the cause, then GET ON IT!
by Ray Warren May 07, 2003
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A rallying cheer to go balls to the wall with reckless abandon. To give 100% while doing something unproductive and often dangerous.
Guy A: He's going to crowd surf with his ass hanging out...
Guy B: well hell, GET ON IT!
by mike November 22, 2004
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I really fancy this guy and I need to do something about it so I'm just going to get on it.


I've still got a hangover and I think the only way forward is hair of the dog, I'm just going to get on it.
by Jo 4 Jo January 16, 2006
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A term used to denote an action of an alcoholic or sexual nature
"YO JIG!!! GETONIT" said the man fapping in the corner. His crimson coloured hand charged with the duty of holding the photo of the georgous blonde close to his face so as to imitate the intimacy needed climax in the public setting.

"Get on what though?" replied the man with bitches clinging to either arm. "Gurlz or dem beers?"

" both bitch" came the muffled reply of the man having his way with himself. a dirty sock now forced into his mouth of his own doing. His balls stuck to the walls.
by Zassix April 04, 2011
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its when a gurl sees a guy she likes or a boy sees a girl he likes or someone comes up to u cause they like you ur friend will tell u to get on it it means to get wit them
guy:hey girl you look go let me holla at u
girl:i dont know
friend:girl you better get on it
by llilmissice August 27, 2005
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"Hey, Let's go get on it!" or "I didn't know Marco got on it!"
by ATLhighgirl February 11, 2004
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