the english form of the german word schei*e or in english shit
*special german letter meaning ss dat looks like B
by ZAC =P April 4, 2005
Eva Braun knew how to give Hitler a good "shizer": the act of defecating on another person's chest.
Hitler couldn't get off unless Eva gave him a good shizer.
by mr. buggaloo October 2, 2004
For community service, I had to clean the wall where some shizer left his mark.

*Beware, these people can look like average citizens*
by Seattle Sun July 11, 2008
you talk a lot of shizer
by chrissy March 20, 2003
A german porno when the female shits on the males chest or visa seen expertly in the Laura G. Shizer Video
"U know man, like the Shizer Video mats mom is in"
by Bob G. September 19, 2004
To be extremely intoxicated with alcoholic beverages
"Sorry love i was shizered"
by nick October 23, 2004