A mixture of sh*t and jizz.
Bob: Last night he fu*ked her in the a33 and shiz came out.
by lolzcakeslolz April 6, 2009
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like shiat biatch, like what is this shit cept what is this shiz. used in company of white crackas and children
what kind of shiz is this!
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
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Person A: You were a dumbass for drinking 12 beers.

Person B: no shiz. i feel like shit.
by csiguy4589 September 26, 2009
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Originally from the term the shit the shiz is the new way to say cool.
That concert was the shiz.
by Lauren September 12, 2004
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"are you coming to my party saturday?"
"for shiz dude."
by hellosunshinexx October 6, 2008
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slang for: the best, the coolest, very cool, awesome ect.
The new album by The Distillers is the shiz!
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 18, 2003
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A word that kids use when they aren't allowed to say sh*t or crap.

Popularized by the show ICarly.
You can really say it in any situation, If your happy, mad, excited, or scared.
That's the Shiz.
Aww Shiz!
Oh Shiz my moms gonna kill me.
I just shizzed my pants!
by HeyyyyyyyGirlllllItttsKyleighh February 17, 2015
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