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a home-made weapon used for CUTTING, not stabbing. a sharpened tooth-brush is not a shiv, that is a shank, which is used for stabbing.
guy 1:"i got cornered on my last day in prison, i was lucky i had my shiv!"
guy 2:"oh sweet! im going to jail soon, how do you make one?"
guy 1:"take a razor blade and a lighter in with you, then melt the blade to your toothbrush."
by cutter-of-stuff December 30, 2010

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A trapbox is a portible storage device used by drug (or marijuana) users (or dealers) to hold their substances and otherwise associated paraphernalia.

-functional marijuana trapbox may include cannabis, rolling papers, lighters, pack of blunt wraps, pipe, roach clips, and a roach container. (This may vary per user, as concentrates have not been accounted for)
- functional dealers trapbox may consist of small individual broke down sellable samples of whatever drug you're selling, (shame on you, but muthafukkas gotta eat) and a disposable manner to test said drugs. I.e, papers for your weed.
Example 1) J.C: Hey, Ricky, you got the shit?
Ricky: Yeah man, it's in the Trapbox in the glovebox
Example 2) Jesse: Dude I got my trapbox all ready for the road trip. We get stopped by the cops, we ditch all the stuff at once.

Alex: that's dope, bruh.
by cutter-of-stuff September 24, 2015

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