shitz is a pronoun used to refer to a "He-She-It" person
subject pronoun - shitz
object pronoun - shitzem
possessive pronoun - shitzer
absolute possessive pronoun - shitzers
reflexive pronoun - shitzelf

-refers to a person whose name may cause confusion as to the gender of the person

-refers to a person whose physical appearance prevents others from determining correctly or at all the true gender of that person

-refers to a person with whom there is a mismatch between the physical appearance and mannerism (ie. dyke, femfag)

-refers to a person whose gender is undifferentiated since the embryonic stages

-refers to a person whose sexual phenotype (physical appearance) does not match that of what that person's sexual genotype (sex chromosome) should yield

-refers to a person whose sexual genotype (sex chromosome) is not either XX (female) or XY (male) regardless of the resulting sexual phenotype (physical appearance) (ie. X, XXY, XYY, etc)

-refers to a person who possesses gonads or genitals of neither or both genders

-refers to a transgendered person (ie. Thailand's ladyboys)
Pronoun Examples:
Before making a purchase, shitz looks at shitzelf in the mirror to make sure shitzer clothing fits well.
After the purchase, the clothing is shitzers.
Everyone admires shitzem for shitzer fashionable taste.

Look at shitzem, I would love to date shitzem only if I knew shitzer true gender.
by Light24 January 24, 2010
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cool way of sayin shit, (noun), used to express anger or frustartion or confusion or excitment etc...
dude A: oh man i lost again
dude B: shitz dude you always lose
dude A: go to hell
dude B: shitz fuck you
by karim B December 8, 2008
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"My car broke down, isn't that the shitz!"
by x February 1, 2003
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something that is awesome, usually referring to self in a 100% non-conceited way; it is usually just talk

Class of '08 is the Shitz!

Person 1: Man tha car is sick
Person 2 (who owns the car): That's cuz I'm the shitz, fool.
by Pluto is a Planet April 21, 2009
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Abbreviation of the two words 'sure' and 'its' in Ireland; often incorporated into the songs and stories in Irish folk music as well as, in recent times, popular American music.
Shitz a very cold night, I don't feel like walking to the public house
by Phil Osipher November 30, 2011
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A condition where a dude is really fuckin pissed and really happy at the same time.
Derek: "Yo, Sarah's really moody lately. You know what's up with her?"
Jim: "Yeah, she's got the shitz."
by Senor_man September 9, 2019
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A dog that is Pomerania and Shih Tzu mixed
Oh your dog is so cute what type of breed is he?

Oh she’s a Pom-a-shitz
by ashane May 29, 2018
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