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Used in description to someone who is about to go crazy on your ass. If someone says it, stuff is going down. it is not to be used lightly for its powers will unleash hell. Named after
"Dont make me go Shep on you!!"
by Roofruss November 28, 2007
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an official citizen of sheppington who lives in the clouds
sheps unite in times of trouble, always support one another, have a love of popcorn and crack lame jokes
Person 1: Damn! what a hot shep
Person 2: It just runs in the genes of all those from sheppington. (also sheppington policies state no judgement based on outer beauty or objectification)
Person 1:After acquiring the power to read content in brackets that is supposed to be unsaid, i too agree
Person 1: Damn, what a hot shep, who I'm also sure has millions of other amazing non physical appearance related qualities
by anonnomnom November 18, 2017
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An abbreviation for Shepparton, a city that is 181 kilometres north-east of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

People from Shepparton have been known to Shepresent their city.
"You'll have to excuse him, he's a Shep boy."
by Rorkus Funkster July 17, 2015
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A person who is going or is crazy, or extremely weird.

One, single sheep.

A name I made up to call my dog who looks like a sheep

Alternative for shit
He spilled his drink, punched me in the croch, and I then realized he was go shep.

The guy went Ape-Shep!
by Shep4Lyf June 25, 2017
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Singular of sheep. Very dangerous when corned and good at running infront of cars in Devon.
What's that shep doing in the middle of the road? Wonder if I can hit it....
by Jamie April 04, 2004
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