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Verb, to shithammer.
To accomplish something by brute force, without planning, elegance, or rework.

Often heard in IT organizations when referring to computer code that was poorly designed, and in need of drastic re-writing.
Those guys never think about what they're doing, they just shithammer their code into production.
by Ch April 24, 2004
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Resulting from BG's (bubble guts), Shit Hammer is word for word the same definition as Water Hammer (the concussion and accompanying noise that results when a volume of water moving in a pipe suddenly stops or loses momentum), but replace "volume of water" with "volume of SHIT" and the sudden stop in pipe is your SHIT hitting your sphincter causing your full intestinal track to rattle uncontrollably, and therefor making you believe your gonna SHIT YOUR PANTS!!!!
Your sitting in a quite place where the focus is on someome else when suddenly the focus gets turned on you, because you experienced Shit Hammer.
by Fruital-Bingo October 16, 2009
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Let's face it ... Sometimes a plunger simply will not do the job. That's when you call on the Shit Hammer.
Damn, Junior. You need to eat some roughage. I've been plunging this toilet for an hour. Now, I'm gonnna have to go rent a shit hammer!!
by Larry Sanders February 04, 2005
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A fecal bludgeon. (physically smashing somebody with your poop)
"If I don't have my money by friday I'm going to shit hammer you..."

"How do you like the smell of my shit hammer!?"

"Don't mess with him, he will shit hammer your life away."

"Nothing like a good 'ol fashion shit hammer for breakfast."
by Circus Freak January 10, 2010
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US Army slang for actions which follow an individual's decision to make something happen in the shortest possible time, without regard to the laws of the universe.

Also know as "Trying to jam 5 pounds of shit into a 2 pound bag," and "Trying to put a bowling ball in a marble bag."

A second, less common usage, is used to describe a unit or kill team's decision to fuck up an enemy by brute force, in order to provide an educational experience for surrounding enemy units. Also called "Customer Service" or "Community Service."

Being on the receiving end of this particular kind of service is to be avoided, when possible.
Oh goddammit, I know the axle's broken, for fuck's sake, I can see it. We're two miles out, just shithammer that bitch back together enough to get us there. After that, who cares, we exfil on Blackhawks.
by Stirke36 June 16, 2011
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