having poop on the penis after anal sex
Without proper cleaning, a bout with someones anus can leave you with poopdick.
by mamamomash March 20, 2003
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when your weiner gets all covered in poop. most likely from banging a drunk highschool girl in the ass.
dude, the other day i had a party at my house and we were drinkin a keg of Busch Light, then we all got real horny and decided it would be a good idea to go bang all the girls in the ass. Midway through this ass bangin my mom came home and caught me. I pulled my weiner out of the girls ass and said "awwwww mom, i got poopdick."
by spanky March 12, 2005
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1) the act of having poop all over one's member post anal intercourse

2) when something is described as being 'poopdick' it is a very bad situation (having poopdick is poopdick)
1) I pulled out to shoot my load and I had poopdick, gross!!

2) What do you mean you got a speeding ticket for going 26 in a 25 zone, man that's poopdick!
by My57Vettes September 12, 2005
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An insult used to describe a person who is being, or is in general, an asshole. It is used when calling said person a dick does not completely suit the shitiness of their actions.
Sam-"Hey look you dyed your hair blonde. Haha you look like Hitler."

Dana-"Stop being such a poopdick, Hitler doesn't even have blonde hair."
by ClayAiken July 16, 2012
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"Dude, I finally stopped fucking the chick in the ass. Then i pulled my dick out and im pretty sure i was a poopdick."
by TurkeyVag November 21, 2009
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(poopdick)is a commonly used insult by any of four 505 punx living in the Westside area to describe anyone that they know.. don't know.. see at random from a car window which at least 1 of the 2 males are probably hanging out of half naked.. or pisses them off. Same in context as *asshole,fuckface,douchebag,and any other derogatory term*
*Dude, that Justin guy sure is a poopdick!*
*Elliot, stop being such a poopdick.. you poopdick*
by Matt Burgess August 22, 2007
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extremely stupid, not worthy of speaking.
Wow, listen to Jon talk he is such a poopdick!
by rumproast September 26, 2004
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