Gaby is one of the greatest girls you could find out there. She’s always there for her friends and doesn’t care what people say. She’s a good ass girlfriend and will never leave your side. If you ever date her, don’t loose her cuz she’s one of a kind. She laughs at anything and has a beautiful smile that is beautiful like her. Not only is she a good girlfriend, but she’s also a good friend. She’s there for you, always has your back,listens if you ever need to talk, but if you ever tried messing with her life in the past... then she probably won’t like you because she doesn’t want toxic people around. When you meet Gaby, she might be quiet, but as soon as you get to know her she has a crazy, fun and good personality. When she’s sad, she tries not to show it to others so that there wouldn’t be any drama, but eventually she’ll be ok. But overall, Gaby is someone you wouldn’t want to loose in your life.
Friend 1: are you ok now

Friend 2: yea I talked to Gaby and she helped so much

Friend 1: really?! I should meet Gaby
by Jad2014 November 9, 2018
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Gaby is someone so different from everyone else. She probably insecure about who she is but everyone knows how pretty and amazing she is. That bitch can move and she don't care. She too funny and is just overall happy but has her moods. She's awesome.
Girl: damn look at them moves. She don't care I share let me be her
Girl 2: who Gaby? Yeah that girl just too good to be true
Gaby: please come over I don't wanna do this alone
by Iwishiknewwhoiwas August 3, 2016
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She is damn sexy and pretty, lots of friend is good at art. She is amazing
Gaby is the best
by Gaby the sexy June 4, 2019
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A Gaby is the most awesome person ever!! She is a great girlfriend and beast at video games, mostly COD. And is a real badass! She's the type of girl guys dream of. She's hilarious and is an awesome kisser, and can be a bitch. She definetly someone you wouldn't want to screw with. She loves music and is really hot. And she waits for no man.
Friend: Man, did you see that Gaby?
Guy: she's my dream girl! Imma get me some Gaby!

Friend: better get her fast cause she's gonna be gone.
by Bacon consopholis February 27, 2013
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She is a young girl that has a lot of people that knows her. she can be short but so pretty. You will think she is mean but when you get to know her she is a fine,funny , Beautiful and outgoing girl. If anyone's getting her it will most likely be Gianni.
gaby is a pretty, interesting to be around with. If you are her friend you will be lucky. She has a amazing friend mane Miranda and she has an amazing booty
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Gaby is quite a popular name and the owner of the name is usually very smart,pretty and has a sense of innocence about them.
They make the best of friends and tend to get along with everyone because they only see the best in people.
Most Gaby's are gifted in the art/musical department and are destined for greatness.Gaby's also have GREAT taste in music.
'Who would you say's your best friend?'
'Its gotta be Gaby,she's so nice.....and she's great at EVERYTHING'

'She is,isn't she?' :)
by RAWR.ItsCody. September 19, 2010
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A very confident girl personality wise but looks wise no confidence at all, very sensitive but beautiful has an amazing smile has very dull moments but its a good thing shes beautiful but tends to push people away just for a friend
boy 1:did you hear what gaby did to bob she blew him off to go out with her friend shes beautiful!
boy 2:friendship comes first for her
by abbieeeee November 3, 2012
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