Used to measure the extreme SHIT-ALL can mean "entirely" or "absolutely nothing". SHIT-ALL can be interchanged with the words
"very", "goddammed", "overly", or "jack-shit", depending on it's context.
1.) Why you got to be so shit-all stupid?
2.) I'll tell you what, Jeb don't know shit-all about fuck, far as I'm concerned.
by Doug Mesner June 18, 2004
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Vb. To beat someone in a sporting event by an absurd margin characterized by an oppenent being completely outmatched.
Michigan is going to shit-all-over Northwestern this weekend.
by Mitch Cumstien December 15, 2003
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Something you say after taking a huge shit, where it feels like it's the biggest one you ever took in your life.
Holy crap! I took the best dump right now! It was the shit to end all shits! If I died right now, I'd be happy , the shit was THAT good!
by LonePooper January 03, 2018
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A regional term in the Canadian Maritimes and Southern Ontario. Meaning nothing, or very little.
Dude 1: How much gas do we have left?
Dude 2: We're down to shit fuck all.
by Mikihailio June 20, 2017
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1) Mainly referring to when you shoot a basketball and the ball bounces around the rim numerous times before going in.

2) When riding a BMX bike in a bowl at a skate/bike park and you have a very good run.

3) Referring to when you eat a bowl of any chocolaty cereal at an incredibly fast rate.

4) When you literary shit on a toilet bowl at a females house.

May also be used as "you just shit all over tat toilet bowl bitch(s)"
I just shit all over that toilet bowl bitch
4) Jesse: "Yo Antwan did you hear what Wyatt did?"
Antwan: "No. Why what did he do?"
Wyatt: "Man I just shit all over that toilet bowl bitches."
*Rachel love comes home to find a steamy shit on her toilet bowl.*
by P.V.B September 17, 2011
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complete and utter absurdity.

something has happened that really pisses you off or you disagree with.
"did you see the score on that basketball game?"
"yea it was the bullest shit in all the land!"
by lukas barnes April 08, 2008
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opposite of an "all star cast" production

a show where the cast is all shit, both not famous and dreadful in their roles
featuring Joann Condon, Steve Furst and an All Shit Cast!
by jamie smith November 19, 2004
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